Mission & Blog


In simple words, our mission is to be good people who do good science

My hope is to provide a transparent and friendly environment where you feel respected, and are best prepared to grow in your career.

I hope to provide training along all the following dimensions:

Diversity statement:

We advocate for social justice, and are committed to building a lab culture that promotes fairness and empowerment for each individual. Please help us achieve this goal by applying to our lab regardless of your socioeconomic and disability status, nationality and ethnicity, gender and age, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. 


Jan 2023: 

I started my role as a PI :) , together with my research tech, Vanshika, and an undergrad, Reagan (Bio)!

May 2023: 

Our lab renovations are over! So excited about our beautiful lab space :)

Tim Stamm (ECE) joined our lab to help lead the engineering projects in the lab.

Multiple new undergrads (ME, EE, CE, Neuro, Bio) joined our lab to help with our ongoing projects.