Najafi Laboratory

Systems, Behavioral & Computational Neuroscience

Welcome to the Najafi Laboratory at Georgia Tech!

Our lab explores major questions in systems and behavioral neuroscience by using advanced experimental and computational approaches. 

We use rodent behavior, combined with neurophysiological and computational techniques to study the cortical and cerebellar mechanisms that underlie behavior and learning

Our goal is to translate the findings into the treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders

Read more about our research here --> Research 

The lab started in Jan 2023. We are looking to recruit graduate students, and post-docs with experience or interest in animal behavior, in-vivo recordings, and computational approaches  --> Join

Lab News & Photos

Mar 2024:

Farzaneh is selected as a Scialog Fellow, on Molecular Basis of Cognition.

Feb 2024:

Farzaneh receives her first award as a PI: Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, Collaborative Pairs, together with Giulio Tononi (UW, Madison)!

Jan 2024:

We are excited to have Laurence Copeland join our lab as a research technician!

Nov 2023:

We had our very first successful two-photon imaging experiment today!! 

Sep 2023:

Yicong Huang joins the lab as our first PhD student!

July 2023:

My interview for WiN (Women in Neuroscience) podcast is published here. Could be helpful for your career planning.

May 2023: 

Our lab renovations are over! So excited about our new, beautiful lab space!

Tim Stamm (ECE) joined our lab to help lead the engineering projects in the lab. Also multiple new undergrads (ME, EE, CE, Neuro, Bio) joined our lab to help with our ongoing projects. 

Apr 2023: 

Vanshika did her first practice surgery! She is doing a great job with ordering supplies and equipment for our lab.

Jan 2023: 

I started my role as a PI :) , together with my research tech, Vanshika, and an undergrad, Reagan!

Apr 2024

Lab hike and grill (and beach)!
Left to right: Yunkai, Yicong, Tim, Hosala, Farzaneh

Nov 2023

First get-together in our house!

Oct 2023

GT Neuro Launch. 

Our lab's first poster presented by Tim, Yicong, Stella, and Reagan!

Sep 2023

Vanshika's last day! She did a great job with ordering a million items for the lab and setting up the lab with from day 0 with me. We wish her the best in her future job!

Aug 2023

First lab hangout, celebrating Vanshika's and Laurence's birthday with some of our undergraduates!

Aug 2023

John and Kevin from Bruker installing our 2-photon microscope!

Jul 2023

First day trying the mouse in our behavioral setup built by Tim and the undergrads!

(Tim, Vanshika, Garrett, Stella)

Jun 2023

High school students visiting our lab!

(students, Tim, Matthew)

Apr 2023 

Our first surgery in the animal facility!

(Vanshika, Reagan, Laura)